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Archive - 1910's Built

Gary Screw and Bolt Factory | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

Gary Screw and Bolt Company

Gary Screw and Bolt Company The Gary Screw and Bolt Company was founded in 1911 by a group of executives of the Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Company. It opened in the summer of 1912 with its first 100...

Marktown | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

Marktown, Indiana

Clayton Mark, Industrialist Marktown is a former company town constructed for the Mark Manufacturing Company and the brainchild of Clayton Mark. Mark was born in 1858 in Fredricksburg, Pennsylvania...

Lovell's Barber College | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

Lovell’s Barber College

Lovell Amison, Founder of Lovell’s Barber College Lovell’s Barber College was started by Lovell Amison, who was born in 1912 to Pearlene and Willie Amison in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He came...

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