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Archive - 1970's Abandoned

City Methodist Church | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

City Methodist Church

William Grant Seamon, City Methodist’s Founder Since Gary’s founding in 1906, there has always been a Methodist church within the city. In 1916, Dr. William Seaman became its pastor. He had a...

Indiana Dunes Park Pavilion | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

Indiana Dunes Park Pavilion

History of the Indiana Sand Dunes The history of the Dunes Park Pavilion and the Indiana Dunes dates back to 200 BCE, and evidence points to Native American communities using the area as a key...

Memorial Auditorium | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

Memorial Auditorium

Memorial Auditorium The Gary Memorial Auditorium is an abandoned civic center in Gary, Indiana, constructed to commemorate residents who were killed fighting in World War I. Commissioned by the Gary...

Palace Theater | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

The Palace Theater

John Adolph Emil Emerson, Architect The Palace Theater in Gary, Indiana, is an abandoned theater designed by renowned architect John Emerson and built in 1925 by the Max and Sons construction firm...

Gary-Alerding Settlement House | Photo © 2020 David Bulit

The Gary-Alerding Settlement House

The Great Steel Strike of 1919 The inception of the Gary-Alerding Settlement House dates back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries when many workers, including those in the steel...

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