Indianapolis Coke

Shutdown in 2007 the Indianapolis Coke plant once converted coal into the industrial fuel coke. After shutting down it was listed as a Super Fund site. In 2012 the site was demolished

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The indianapolis coke plant

The indianapolis coke plant hasn't been demolished yet. It's entirely abandoned and broken down but is still standing.

I remember back in 68' our

I remember back in 68' our family was visiting our Grand parents.We went to a movie at the Twins Drive in.I think that the movie was "The Lost Man" with Sidney Poitier.Anyway,I remember that I was intrigued by all the heavy industry in the area(being eight years old)And my eyes kept being drawn to the large coke heater(incinerartor?)and the strange tank with the metal frame built around it.

Correction to my statement

Correction to my statement below.1969.Not 68'

This place in the pictures

This place in the pictures isn't demolished although they did tear down the tank many of the buildings on the property are still standing.

I don't know if this is the

I don't know if this is the location of these pictures but it is the only Indianapolis Coke place I knew of.

2950 Prospect St,
Indianapolis, IN 46203

Where exactly was this at in

Where exactly was this at in Indianapolis. I knew there was one in Speedway but where was this one at!

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