Central State Hospital for the Insane - Indianapolis, IN

Central State Hospital or Asylum, was deemed the "hospital for the insane" by the Indiana state legislature, and opened its doors in November of 1848 and was finally closed down in 1999. The site consists of several buildings on a large plot of land on the west side of Indianapolis.

Many of the buildings at this location are alleged to be haunted due to some of the atrocities that took place while the asylum was still in service. Whether it is or not, as any haunted attraction is concerned, is debatable. But I can say that the vibe of this place creates a certain tension in the air that could be described as....well....off.

The oldest of all the buildings on the property is the boiler room, quaintly located behind an IMPD station.

A clan of 4 of us decided to get together and enter this building, as the aesthetics are just too hard to ignore.

Walking into the door for the first time you are immediately brought back to the 19th century. A large cooling furnace overtaken with rust and decrepit peeling paint greats you as you enter.

At the top of the stairs was a large, rusted door that lead to the coal room. Entering we found a long slender room, floor made of grates, with a long conveyor that appears to have been used to move coal into the furnace.

After taking a few photos and determining that the floor and railing was way too horribly unstable for us to spend much time on, we left the room.

Here is where things got strange for a moment. The 4 of us walked out and as soon as the final person left the room, the door slammed shut making a loud thunderous boom. This could easily be accredited to the wind gusts that occasionally make their way through the myriad of busted windows...I won't argue that, but it was unsettling no less.

The only real thing I could think of at this moment was "Smile Rumi, take a picture". Which was not so well received.

At the end of the day, nothing overtly paranormal seemed to happen. Maybe its just the vibe of the place that sets one off.

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That is not true. I have been

That is not true. I have been in the tunnels.

Im planning a Girl Day out

Im planning a Girl Day out and would love to go and see this place. My sister is really into stuff like this. I'm just afraid to show up there with 6 ppl and getting kicked off or arrested. Is there anyone to contact to get permission to look on the grounds? If anyone has any information I would love to hear from you.

me and family visited a few

me and family visited a few years back and it is wonderful place of learning and spirits. i have pictures and family history tellings and i read the book that one woman wrote while living their and i am sorry it is haunted and bad things went on..... if they were to unfill the holes in the tree knots you would probably find trinckets of past pateints. there is an unmarked grave site of people unclaimed also, you tell me.....

Wow were do i start? Been

Wow were do i start? Been there alot of times more then i can count and nope didnt sneak in the cops would see me and wave cause they knew me even made a movie there it premired last oct. Place never lets me down as far as activity. Just went by today no way in with a vehicle all blocked off i wana go when there done the activity is gona be off the hook

Would you be interested in

Would you be interested in filming a movie there this Oct with me and my film crew? Will we be able to get permission to do so? I have been trying to get ahold of the owner of the property but have not had any luck. I have Nick Principe coming with me he is an actor if you don't know him you can look him up on youtube or IMDB. Please get back with me as soon as you can. Oct will be here quick. Thank you very much for your time.

I have wached alot about this

I have wached alot about this place and it is haunted realy bad i went into see it with a professional ghost haunter and let me tell u he is good i nere shit myself when i first went because we seen all the blood and stuff but worst of all we found a dead body :( i scremed we called the plolice we got a lot of pics and some unnice ones so who ever gos in there thxx for listing

My friend and I have been

My friend and I have been there repeatedly, at least 12 times. Know the place pretty well. We always just pulled right in and drove up to each building and parked there, entered, and drove to the next one, went in, repeat. Every time we went, every building and tunnel was completely open. Once we were even stopped by a police officer inside and he was so cool amd understanding, he told us to go ahead but just warned us to be careful. However, the campus is now under new ownership. They are in the process of tearing everything down except the museum. They have those super bright construction lights lighting up the place at night with fences arounf the back building and security cameras in plain sight. I know they built those upscale apartments, but still not sure yet what they are planning on doing with the rest of the property, if anything other than demolishing. Definitely not worth going to for more than a drive through at this point, unfortunatly. It was a great time while it lasted.

They are keeping the old

They are keeping the old administrate building there in the process now of remodeling it thats what the fence and lights are around it..everything else will be demolished...

My daughter and I went to the

My daughter and I went to the path lab museum and the lady there told us they are not going to tear any of the buildings down because they are considered historical.

So I've been wanting to visit

So I've been wanting to visit an asylum, but it seems as if they're all closed or being renovated....do you know of one I can get in to? Or if theres any hope for this one?

You Should Go To The Church

You Should Go To The Church In The Back .__. It's Scary

There is no church. it is a

There is no church. it is a rec hall!

I was planning on going with

I was planning on going with a group of my friends sometime this month. One of them said they think it was completely closed off not too long ago though. So I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything. And where would be the best place to park and enter the asylum if we go?

Have you gone yet? If so I'd

Have you gone yet? If so I'd like to hear about your experience. My friend and I just visited the power house and found the tunnel system, but haven't attacked the asylum yet. 1/19/14

I went 2 yrs ago with my

I went 2 yrs ago with my colleagues. They allow tours with a small donation. It was very interesting however when I entered the dead house my camera completely went dead as I went to use my iPhone for pics it shut off and I eventually had to take it to a shop and have it fixed they said something had shut it down and put it in recovery mode where I couldn't use it. They only allowed us in the museum the dead house and autopsy room which was pretty freaky. In my photos u can see orbs and what looks to be like a person in several of them.

Did you post the pics

Did you post the pics anywhere you can link to? I would be very grateful

most places are closed down

most places are closed down and theres now an apt complex there.... its not NEARLY as fun as it was a few yrs ago due to so much being tore down

would someone contact me that

would someone contact me that use to work there in 1960? Thanks!!

How do you get into the

How do you get into the underground tunnels, and is the museum worth going to? Does the museum affect trying to get into any of the other buildings, like will they try to stop you or do they have security on the other buildings now?

I know how to get into the

I know how to get into the underground tunnels.

In the basement of I believe

In the basement of I believe every building on the campus is a tunnel leading to that building's basement. When driving by the hospital from Michigan Street there's an entrance with a sign reading "Indianapolis Police Department Mounted Patrol"-although there's no police patrolling the entrance anymore, it's just an entrance to the asylum (don't know why the sign's still there, probably to scare away thrillseekers like me,) but if you take this entrance and go straight back you will eventually run into a big fenced off building-I believe the main building of the hospital. There's big holes in the fences you can get through (I just went last night,) and in the basement of this building is where the tunnels disperse in different directions beneath the campus.

That is not true. I have been

That is not true. I have been in the tunnels. Many of them are no longer accessible because they've been filled in. The tunnels that existed connected to the basement and went to some of the other buildings basements. They were first used for pipe chases and later for transporting patients.

All the buildings are boarded

All the buildings are boarded up and some are fenced off for safety. Not so much from the tortured spirits, but from the asbestos that fills the underground tunnels. You have more of a chance of incurring unpleasant medical bills or being arrested than from meeting a ghost.

Central state is highly

Central state is highly illegal to be there now due to the fact most of the buildings have been torn down and is now apartments and a museum. When I went with my friends last year we went down into the tunnels. Several miles of tunnels are under ground. You can't see your hand in front of your face. Fun place to go for a scary time

I would love an opportunity

I would love an opportunity to get inside and take some photos. I am glad to see that your photos are during the day, but have any of you been tempted to stay over night?

I'm curious as to getting in as well. I'd rather not alert people of my presence if I can avoid it. Are there ways of sneaking in?

Also -- it is rumored that the old hospital on 36th and Meridian has strange tales kept behind its walls. Have you been inside that one? It seems very well boarded up, but it's also in a bad neighborhood, I hardly think anyone would notice a person walking in.

Please let me know. I have a deep yearning to be creeped out! haha that sounds a little strange, but it's the truth.

its open. pretty much all the

its open. pretty much all the doors are open or the windows are broken. my cousin parked at the apratment place thing. just be careful, if your gonna go in theres alot of mold. theres an underground tunnel and its so creepy and dark. if youre gonna go have fun! Iits a very unwelcoming place though.. have fun! :)

Those who have been let in to

Those who have been let in to do ghost hunts and take photographs, how did you get them to let you in to do so? I tried to get them to let my group in to take some photographs and do a search for ghosts and I got the run around. Did you sneak in or have an escort or what?

If you park in the parking

If you park in the parking lot by the playground there is a huge hole in the fence that is big enough for anyone to fit in... I recommend going in there so the police wont see you... because the police horses are on the grounds (fenced in a certain area of course..) I am not sure where the entrance to the tunnels are... but if you go and plan to stay a while... bring flashlights and of course a camera. I hope this helps because i want to go back and find the tunnels and explore the mens dining hall that still stands... the musem is worth going to ... it was really fun for only five dollars....it is really fun... just dont get caughts... hope this helps.... :)

The place is completely open

The place is completely open around the fences in such, I usually park at the apartment buildings and walk up a hill and then you're on the campus of the asylum. The first time I went, there was a father and a son playing basketball inside, so I wouldn't worry about getting caught necessarily. As long as you're not vandalizing or doing something stupid, there shouldn't be much to worry about. I've never really seen a cop go through and look to kick people out.

Any "abandoned" building that

Any "abandoned" building that still has owners is off limits to anyone..But most of the people and groups that do take the risk in going in do so by trespassing. A few i know have been caught by the police for entering and the only thing they can tell you to do is leave.Why??Because the buildings and property belong to the state of indiana.And even if the people refuse to leave nothing will be done because no owners will ever show up to press charges..Crews that go in with equipment do so because they know of the law and doors are already busted in as well as windows so its not considered forced entry. as well as if it belongs to the state of indiana and your a Hoosier well then you have a right to go in because its public property. If you feel leery about entering without proper info you can always get proof of the owners off the internet as well as grounds for trespassing and also proving you did not forcfully enter. .

Incredible place, been there

Incredible place, been there a hundred times at least. Every time you go you can find something new. Though, as an amateur paranormal investigator, I don't think this place is haunted, though I have heard a lot of reports saying otherwise. The only place that gives me the heeby-jeebies is the southern-most dorm. Also, the door leading to that narrow room with the grated floors always slams shut. It's a heavy metal door but I'll admit, it scares the shit out of me every time. Be careful going up those stairs though because the landing is missing half way up!

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