The Demolition of Indianapolis Coke Factory brings huge concerns to the neighborhood

View photos from inside the factory

This summer demolition began on the now abandoned Indianapolis Coke Factory. Originally built in 1909 the factory was shut down in 1997.

via Indianapolis Star

Five years ago, Tony and Donna Owens thought they were finally free of the dust and the fumes and the foul smells emanating from a neighborhood factory that they were convinced were making them and their Eastside neighbors sick.

Now, half a decade after Citizens Energy Group closed down the plant on Prospect Street that once converted raw coal to coke, those fears have resurfaced — along with a noxious, nauseating smell.

Citizens Energy says air-quality tests show no health risks from the fumes. But the official who supervises hazardous material management for Marion County said that a variety of potentially dangerous substances could be lurking in the old plant and that more sensitive testing equipment is needed to determine whether there is any danger.

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