The Abandoned Missile Silo of the Everglades

Hidden in the swamps and marshes of the everglades, the largest solid fuel rocket sits in its grave. Originally built during the space race, this rocket will most likely never see the light of day. This place looks cool, really cool. I'm currently looking for more information on the location of this facility. If anyone knows anything please leave a comment.



25.389529, -80.565943

Aero-Jet Florida

From the wikipedia entry for AeroJet...

In the 1960s, Aerojet solid fuel technology was under consideration for use in Saturn first stages. A monolithic, 21-foot-diameter (6.4 m) motor was designed, which was too big to be transported by rail. A facility was constructed in the Florida Everglades where the motors could be built and tested, and then barged to Cape Canaveral. A canal was dug (C-111), the southernmost freshwater canal in Southeast Florida, and a drawbridge was installed for the U.S. Highway 1 crossing at mile marker 116. The canal was dubbed the "Aerojet Canal". SW 232nd Avenue was renamed "Aerojet Road". When the Aerojet product was not selected for the Saturn project, and segmented boosters were chosen for the Space Shuttle, the land and facilities were returned to the state, and are now managed by the South Florida Water Management District and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as a nature preserve. The Aerojet signage still remains for both the road and canal and most of the facility's buildings remain intact, although weather-damaged.

The facility was the subject of documentaries Space-Miami and Aerojet Dade: An Unfinished Journey

Shuttered :(

As you probably know, the SoFla Aero-Jet site has been shuttered and capped. Boo.

Best Video Of The Site

This is truly the best video of the Aerojet Complex!